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Welcome to AfterDowningStreet, your go-to platform for insightful political analysis. Conceived by a team of writers with a deep interest in politics, we’re here to dissect the complex world of politics, from presidential to local elections, voters’ issues to constitutional requirements. Our goal is to inform and empower our readers, fostering informed discussions and debates. 

We shine a light on overlooked areas like lobbying, interest groups, and the influence of money in politics. We also recognize and highlight the growing role of women in politics, examining their contributions and challenges. 

At AfterDowningStreet, we firmly believe in the power of informed citizens and strive to provide you with the knowledge you need to navigate the labyrinth of politics. Join us as we make sense of the political world together. 

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Comprehensive Guide to U.S. Elections, Lobbying, Interest Groups and the Role of Women in Politics 


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